Champion Coaching is a virtual college prep coaching program designed for Black and Latinx juniors and seniors who are preparing to start their college application process to top-tier colleges. You will use our signature #CollegePrepLikeAChampion curriculum to guide your meetings with your coach (current college student volunteer) and ensure you're on the right track to creating a dope college application. Champion Coaching will challenge you but it will also inspire you to reach your goals. It will force you to confront your limitations and help you identify and develop your strengths.


Champion Coaching relies on these three foundation principles. 

Academic Excellence

Our curriculum is rigorous and will challenge you however you will come to appreciate us holding you to a high standard later in life when you recognize how prepared you are to navigate certain situations. 

Cultural Relevance

Most prestigious colleges are predominantly white and affluent, which is an environment you may not be used to. It is our goal to ensure that you know your history, understand your resilience, and you are equipped with the tools you need to thrive in this environment for successful matriculation. 


We understand how important it is for you to know how to build strong resourceful communities to pour into and lean on. Therefore, we strive to demonstrate what that looks like and truly be there for you to college & beyond. 


You will be exposed to new information and you will also be reminded of what you already know. You will be asked to work hard inside and outside of class. You will be asked to think abstractly; to imagine something that does not yet exist - an acceptance to your dream school. You will also be asked to think concretely; to work with data and information about the colleges you’d like to attend that will shape your final decision.  This decision is a very big one as it will impact the next 4 and 40 years of your life. If at any point you decide that this top-tier college journey isn’t for you— you can come and talk to us. Chances are we can talk you off the ledge;, but if you choose to walk away, understand that we will wholeheartedly support you in your decision and everything you’ve learned will still help you on your journey to wherever you’re headed.

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     According to the Boston Globe, many elite universities tap into the same high schools and college preparatory programs to recruit top minority students, resulting in the same group of students from this limited pool, getting offers from multiple colleges. According to this statistic, you will have to be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices it takes to  compete with your peers from more privileged backgrounds who have had access to resources like private college consultants, legacy parents, Kaplan Prep, The Princeton Review, etc., for the limited amount of seats available at your desired top-tier school.

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    The college admissions process can be frustrating, difficult, and emotionally draining. 

    The application process cause be overwhelming for alot of students. Throughout the program, we will provide check-ins to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and reminded of your end goal. There will be various group check-ins throughout the program allowing you to take a break from your current workload to just breathe.. 

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    We are committed to creating a space that cultivates a strong sense of community. 

    We are committed to meeting you where you are and tailoring this program to be enjoyable for you and your coach. You are not alone! The TCP community of coaches, educators, donors, volunteers, and organizers is here to help you along your way. The last 30 minutes of each session with your coach will be spent getting to know more about each other and discussing relevant issues to help foster a long-lasting relationship.


(AUGUST 30, 2020 - JUNE 6, 2021)

Before taking flight, even before stepping onto the plane, a pilot consults her preflight checklist. This is to ensure that when she’s soaring 30,000 feet above the clouds, nothing surprises her, nothing throws her off her course. Read below to get a taste of a typical session. More details will be given us acceptance!


Meeting Structure (approx. 90 minute sessions):


No two meetings are the same. Every week introduces something new while building on something old. Although the structure is flexible, most classes will stick to the following format: 



Gratitudes and Challenges


Progress Check

  Putting In Work

 Activities/Videos to Foster Discussions 


 Next Steps


You will be expected to put in work outside of your coaching sessions and prior to them. The curriculum inside of your mentorship portal along with the guest speaker meet ups are where you'll get majority of your college prep lessons. Think of your meetings as check ins to see hold you accountable to your game plan & make adjustments as need be. The rest of the sessions will be focused on stating your next steps and building a fruitful relationship with your coach. 

Champion Coaching Testimonials

Here's a few testimonials from our scholars who participated in our inaugural Champion Coaching program for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Mar'Quon Frederick

Cornell University '24

“With the help of my Champion Coach, Aaron Acosta, a sophomore at the school in which I applied to early decision, I was able to gain insight into the application process and the university. My Champion Coach turned my all-over-the-place essay into a solid one with constructive criticism and editing, answered all of my questions — whether it had something to do with particular classes or the nearest barbershop — and proof read my application to guide me in the right direction. I am proud to announce that I have been accepted into Cornell University, where I intend on double majoring in History and Political Science! I couldn’t have done it without The Champion Project!”

Arianna Dwomoh

Duke University '24 

“Thanks to my Champion Coaches, I was able to get consistent and thoughtful feedback on my college essays and insight on the schools they attend and applied to. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am now without them! They were able to answer any and every question I had and even turn my messy essays into a concise one. I am extremely grateful to say that I will be attending Duke University in the fall, where I hope to double major in Physics and Computer Science!”

Stephanie Dominguez

Bates College '24 

“My coaches were fantastic. I felt as though they went above and beyond to help me explore all my college choices. I was undecided with what type of college to apply to and what my application should have looked like to best represent me, not only as a candidate but as a person. I felt listened to and seen the entire process. During the moment that I wanted to enroll in my local state college, there was no judgment- just support. This fall, I am proud to announce that I will be attending Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, where I plan on studying Political Science and Economics. I received aid/recognition from the following organizations: Hispanics Scholarship Fund Finalist, Ronald McDonald Scholarship, Roger’s Foundation, and the George W. Von Tobel Scholarship Fund. I am so grateful to have been a part of the Champion Project and I feel as though I would be in a much different place without this.”

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