Our college tours strive to show you it is possible to attend top-tier colleges by making it possible for you to actually step foot on campuses you wouldn't typically have the opportunity to visit or didn't think you could get into to meet students who look like you and come from similar backgrounds. Our tours are set up with activities that'll expand your mindset and inspire you to broaden your reach. We set out to encourage you to never limit your potential by connecting you with people and resources to show you what you're capable of and help you go far! 


          Our college tours are like no other!  Each campus tour is lead by students with experiences similar to our scholars in order for them to see that there is a place for them on elite campuses and feel welcomed. It is our hope that after this once in a life  experience you will consider the possibility of going to a top-tier college and continue to build relationships with the people you met during the experience. 


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